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10th June - O'Hooley & Tiddow

describing their songwriting as "exceptional", the national press labelled Belinda O'Hooley and Heidi Tidow as "England's answer to the McGarrigles". They are among this year's BBC Folk Award nominees for "Best Duo" and their fine harmony singing is beautifully accompanied by Belinda on piano. After a 5 year absence from the Club, they return with songs that are "defiant, robust, northern, poetical, political". £1


17th June - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1




24th June - Claude Bourbon

Claude Bourbon is an enigma. He is a classically trained musician, who fuses every conceivable genre of acoustic guitar music into a master-class of a stage performance. Known throughout Europe and America for amazing performances that take Delta blues, Latin, Spanish, and Middle Eastern stylings into uncharted territories within one seamless stream of perfection, Claude is a real treat for music-lovers. £10


1st July - Molly Evans & Jack Rutter

Molly is a young singer and fiddle player from Cheshire, with a largely traditional repertoire, known for her strong voice and distinctive song settings. Jack is a Yorkshireman and a multi-instrumentalist of some note, (guitars, bouzouki, banjo, duet concertina), as well as the possessor of a rich voice and a string of accolades. Together they promise some real magic - don't mis this great young duo! £10


8th July - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1



15th July - Marion Fleetwood - Cancelled - open night instead

Best known at Folk on the Moor as the singer/fiddle player with the Gerry Colvin Band and Jigantics, this is Marion's first solo visit. In fact, she can play an amazing array of instruments (violin, viola, cello, guitar, mandolin, accordion, bass, piano, synth) and on her first solo album, "Holding space", she plays them all! She is clearly a "serious" musician but has a lovely, relaxed style and a great voice to go with it! £10

22nd July - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1

29th July - Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe

What a way to finish the season before our summber closedown! Steve and Jez are two of the country's leading songwriters and instrumentalists and they combine seamlessly to provide a fabulous array of brilliant songs and outstanding musicianship. They have rightly been described as "a fearsome combination", so be sure to reserve your seat early for what promises to be a rare treat - it will undoubtedly be busy! £12

The club is closed for the month of August

Have a great summer break

2nd September - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1

9th September - Winter Wilson

Kip Winter is a versatile singer, having sung everything from opera to soul and jazz, but she is happiest singing folk and blues. dave Wilson is recognised as a leading lyricist and togethr they produce first-class songs and beautiful harmonies, expertly accompanied on a variety of instruments: guitar, accordion, flute and banjo. They recently toured with the Fairports and were runners-up in the Folking.com awards for Top Duo. £10

16th September - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1


23rd September - Colum Sands

A brilliant observer of minute and often humourous details of life, Colum's last gig at the Club 5 years ago was, according to Anton "One of the most complete evening's entertainment I've ever had. I was deeply moved by his poignant songs, charmed by his warmth, laughed until it hurt at his hilarious banter and was simply enthralled by the man's sheer ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand. A truly memorable evening." £10

30th September - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1

7th October - Kevin Dempsey


14th October - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1

21st October - Brian Willoughby & Kathryn Craig


28th October - Open night

Audience and performers equally welcome. £1

4th November - Stephen Fearing

18th November - Jody Kruskal

2nd December - Jigantics

16th December Johnny Coppin