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Those of you familiar with “Folk On The Moor” will know us from our long residency at The Moorland Hotel, Wotter; some may even recall the old days at “The Who’d Have Thought It” Folk Club. Indeed we held many fine evenings of music at that venue before our stay at Wotter. The Westward Inn, Lee Mill was also our home for several years but we are moving back to the Moorland Hotel at Wotter from 30th October 2022.

Many of the faces from those years back are still with us - granted they may be a little greyer round the gills, but old folkies never die! When we look down the rolls of cracked parchment and see some of the names that have guested for us, you will see that our reputation for being one of the country’s most successful and popular clubs is well deserved - Mike Silver, Johnny Coppin, the Albion Band, Artisan, Les Barker, Steve Tilston, Gilly Darbey, Jez Lowe, Chris Wood, the late Cyril Tawney, Vin Garbutt, Dangerous Curves... and so many more! Acts booked for Lee Mill include Harvey Andrews, Cockersdale, Belshazzar's Feast, Clive Carroll, Sara Grey & Kieron Means, Tom Bliss & Tom Napper, Bob Fox and so on!

We have also been the setting off point for several musical offerings - the fine young band Equation ( and, therefore, Seth Lakeman ) found their feet with us; the outstanding shanty crew - Hanging Johnny - came together at the club; Pete Fisher - the renowned harpist tried much of his recorded material with us. Many of our visitors have also remarked on the continuing excellence of our floor acts - but whatever your leanings in performance... musicians, singers, bands... You will find a warm welcome is extended to you. And you do not have to be a performer to get a real buzz out of any of our club nights. Indeed many of our members just come for the unique atmosphere we seem to generate.

Membership is straightforward enough - it’s £10 a year. Details can be found on our membership page