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IAN BRUCE - bucketloads of charisma and skill

LES BARKER - delightfully eccentric poet

DEREK BRIMSTONE - a real one-off, deliciously funny

MUNDY TURNER - surely the one the best duos on the scene

MIKE O'CONNOR - storyteller, writer, fiddle-player and good bloke!

CHRIS FOSTER - wonderful voice, skill abounding on guitar

PETE COE - The Governor!

RALPH McTELL - still doing it as it should be done...

CLIVE CARROLL - fine young guitarist

ROBIN LAING - whisky and song... really!

VIN GARBUTT - bold, wild and brilliant

STEVE TILSTON - supremely gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist

MIKE SILVER - wonderful performer and writer

BOB FOX - perhaps the smoothest voice in the business

NANCY KERR & JAMES FAGAN - truly gifted parnership

BRIAN PETERS - concertina supremo, delightful vocalist

SHOW OF HANDS - superb award-winning duo

COOPE, BOYES & SIMPSON - fine trio, purveyors of real emotion

HANGING JOHNNY - terrific local shanty crew

FOX AMONGST THE CHICKENS - excellent dance band

BRAM TAYLOR - a true favourite of our club

JEZ LOWE - great songwriter... and as for the Bad Pennies....!

OFFSHOOTS- local four part band featuring some our our regular open night performers